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April 2021: The Parker Solar Probe (PSP) data have been extended to December 2020 - February 2021 in the SPDF archive and CDAWeb, and include Encounter 6 and the rest of Orbit 6. Most of the ISOIS datasets include new variables. This release adds a new ISOIS ephemeris dataset, a new SWEAP alpha particle distribution dataset, and reprocessed Digital Fields Board (DFB) cross spectra and subset of FIELDS MAG data.

April 2021: GOLD Level 1C data have been fully reprocessed with updated radiometric calibration and background subtraction. All Level 2 data products have been reprocessed using the new version of L1C data, as well as improved algorithms for the ON2, QEUV and TDISK data products. See the release notes for further information. The NMAX and ON2 datasets are currently in CDAWeb (with others coming soon).

April 2021: The Polar H3/H4 PWI data set files have been replaced by ones containing the full, corrected calibrations, as well as an adjustment to the start of each time series snapshot to account for an instrumental start-up problem. These data are particularly interesting for studying whistler mode waves in the inner magnetosphere and plasmasphere during solar minimum.


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