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Public data from current and past space physics missions

NOTICE: September 30 2021: The SPDF websites use Let's Encrypt for our web site HTTPS certification. One of the Let's Encrypt root certificates (DST Root CA X3) expired on Sept. 30, 2021. You may find that some web tools report that our SSL certificates have expired. If so, please update those tools to support the latest root certificates, and to use OpenSSL 1.1.0 or later. This includes updating to the latest curl and wget, and IDL (IDL 8.7.1 and 8.8 work). Compatible software package versions are listed at

July 2021: The Parker Solar Probe (PSP) data have been extended to March 2021, which includes Encounter 7, the rest of Orbit 7, and the 4th Venus flyby. Some SWEAP SPAN data sets had new variables added. The Fluxgate magnetic field data are reprocessed for the entire mission. The merged fluxgate and search coil magnetic field data are updated for Encounters 1-3, and the high-rate EPI-Hi data of ISOIS from 2020-11-30 to 2020-12-02 are not fully calibrated yet.

May 2021: The GOLD NMAX, ON2, TDISK and ICON IVM data sets have been added to the system (with others coming soon).


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