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CDAWeb has a WWW-based user interface (HTML and CGI front-end) that accepts user requests and generates HTML, ASCII, and PNG output that is viewed by your WWW browser (e.g. Netscape, Internet Explorer, etc). To use CDAWeb you must have a browser capable of filling out forms and displaying PNG images.

Note: Accessing large amounts of data may take up to several minutes so please be patient, otherwise try selecting data from smaller time periods. This full ISTP KP data access will be the largest-scale user exposure to the system to date, and the first wide exposure of the system combined with this database. Please report any anomalies or problems as they are seen in your testing and use.

We hope you like what we've done!

System Layout

For each database accessible via CDAWeb, the system consists of three major components, a series of WWW pages (Home Page, Data Selector, Data Explorer), as depicted in Figure 1 below.

CDAWeb System Diagram
Figure 1. CDAWeb System Diagram
  1. HOME PAGE -- choose a mission group (e.g., Wind, Geosynchronous spacecraft, ground-based investigations) and/or instrument type (e.g., Magnetic Fields (space,) Particles (space), Ground-Based HF-Radars).
  2. DATA SELECTOR -- submit or deselect and then submit the instruments that resulted from the first step.
  3. DATA EXPLORER -- choose from a list of variables for each selected data set, specify the time range, and specify whether you want a plot or a listing/ASCII file.

HOME PAGE (known as the CDAWeb Source Selector Form)



The data are then processed and displayed (as plots or listings), or you can download the CDF data files themselves.

Error Messages and Problems

A number of error messages are displayed when user input is invalid or missing required fields, system resources are unavailable, and other situations occur. Most of these error messages are explained in the error document.

There is a list of restrictions and problems with individual data sets available through CDAWeb.

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