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Coordinated Data Analysis Web (CDAWeb)

CDAWeb contains selected public non-solar heliophysics data from current and past heliophysics missions and projects. Many datasets from current missions are updated regularly (even daily), including reprocessing older time periods, and SPDF only preserves the latest version. To find all of the public data and documents archived by the SPDF, see the SPDF archive. To search for additional heliophysics data products, check the heliophysics data portal.

REMINDER: CDAWeb offers CREATION of subset/supersets of data sets (by date and variables), CREATION of uniformly time binned data, PLOTS in PDF, PS and PNG formatted files, MOVIES of specific image sequences, ON-THE-FLY Inventory plots, ADJUSTABLE height time/spectrogram plots, plus many more options...

NOTICES: August 2023: Thirty two dosimeter measurement data sets from the Responsive Environmental Assessment Commercially Hosted (REACH) constellation are now available in the system.

July 2023: The Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX) data for Releases 2-17 have been converted into the CDF scientific file format with full ISTP metadata for easier analysis and are now available in the system.

July 2023: The THEMIS project has reprocessed THE_L2_ESA files to fix a problem with spacecraft potential estimation for dates from 2023-02-15 through 2023-06-23. They are also reprocessing all probes, Level-2 FGM and FIT data files post 2022-10-30, with new calibration data.

May 2023: The PSP data have been extended up to February 2023, covering Orbit 14, Encounter 14, and part of the inbound leg of Orbit 15. A new Level 3 dust data set from FIELDS was also added. Please check the PSP inventory plot and annual inventory plots for details.


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