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Coordinated Data Analysis Web (CDAWeb)

CDAWeb contains selected public non-solar heliophysics data from current and past heliophysics missions and projects. Many datasets from current missions are updated regularly (even daily), including reprocessing older time periods, and SPDF only preserves the latest version. To find all of the public data and documents archived by the SPDF, see the SPDF archive. To search for additional heliophysics data products, check the heliophysics data portal.

NOTICE: August 2022: The GOLD Level 2 TDISK data product was updated to version 04. Please consult the release notes for further information.

NOTICE: June 2022: The SOHO CDF datasets CELIAS-PM_30S and CELIAS-PM_5MIN have been completely reprocessed to version 2, based on a new version of the original ASCII datasets at, resulting in significant changes to the data. See CELIAS-PM_30S and CELIAS-PM_5MIN readme files for details.

NOTICE: May 2022: The Parker Solar Probe (PSP) SWEAP and FIELDS data have been extended to December 2021, including Encounter 10 in November 2021 and Venus Gravity Assist 5 in October 2021. The ISOIS data have been extended to January 2022, covering part of the inbound leg of Orbit 11 as an addition. EPI-Hi data calibrations are updated and some variables are changed for ISOIS L2 summary data. Please check the PSP inventory plot and annual inventory plots for details.


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