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CDAS Web Services

The Coordinated Data Analysis System (CDAS) Web services allow a software developer to use CDAS services in their own application.  If you are not a software developer and simply want to use the existing web interface to CDAS, then return to the main CDAWeb page.

End-of-Life (EOL) Notice
The CDAS SOAP web services are implemented with JAX-RPC technology (a Java Enterprise Edition [EE] specification). JAX-RPC was superseded by JAX-WS more than a decade ago. The CDAS SOAP web services were not re-implemented with JAX-WS because it created an entirely incompatabile API for clients and REST web services were becoming more popular than SOAP. With Oracle's transfer of Java EE to the Eclipse Foundation, Java EE is becoming Jakarta EE. The current roadmap for Jakarta EE 9, has JAX-RPC eliminated in Q3 2020. This means that the CDAS SOAP web services will likely be eliminated in Q4 2020. Clients should migrate to the CDAS REST web services which provide all of the same functionality and some enhancements.


CDAS supports simultaneous multi-mission, multi-instrument selection and comparison of science data among a wide range of current space missions.  While CDAWeb provides access to this data through an HTML-based user interface, these Web services provides a distributed programming interface to CDAS.

If you are developing an application that requires science data from any of the data sets held by CDAS, then the CDAS Web services will provide an interface to the data for your application.  Higher level Web services that perform additional processing of the data are expected to be added in the near future.  The following describes how to utilize these Web services from your own application.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

The CDAS Web services SDK consists of instructions and a library to allow a developer to utilize the CDAS Web services.  The SDK is described here and may be downloaded here.


The Web Services Description Language (WSDL) is an XML language for describing Web services.  The WSDL describing the CDAS Web services is available at the following URL: Other useful Web service description information is available at this URL


While the Web services are accessible from any language/run-time that support the Web services interface described by the above WSDL, the CDAS Web services SDK contains a Java class library to simplify using the CDAS Web services from a Java client.  The description of this API is included in the SDK download file but may also be viewed online at the following link: This library was developed using JAX-RPC and is included in the SDK described above.

SDK Download

The CDAS Web services SDK may be downloaded from here


The following are examples of client applications that utilize the CDAS XML Web services.


Questions or comments concerning these Web services should be sent to CDAS Feedback.

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