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March 26, 2018: All SPDF (CDAWeb, SSCWeb, OMNIWeb, etc.) systems and web services will be unavailable on Monday March 26th from 11am-12pm EDT. Please plan your use of the systems accordingly.

March 2018: New Horizons Solar Wind Around Pluto (SWAP) data has been added to the system/archive.

March 2018: Polar VIS Earth Camera fully calibrated data have been added to the system/archive. The data set was created at the SPDF in collaboration with M. R. Dvorsky utilizing the data and XVIS software from the University of Iowa. The CDF data files contain, in addition to the fully cleaned and calibrated image values, the latitude and longitude values for all pixels. See the PO_VIS_EARTH-CAMERA-CALIBRATED data set for further details.

March 2018: The SPDF web sites and web services (SSCWeb, OMNIWeb, CDAWeb, etc.) use the HTTPS protocol. Please use the HTTPS protocol for accessing the web sites and web services as soon as possible and contact SPDF with any problems. FTP data access is not affected at this time. For further information, please read the SPDF HTTPS announcement.


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