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CDAS Web Services

The Coordinated Data Analysis System (CDAS) Web services allow a software developer to use CDAS services in their own application.  If you are not a software developer and simply want to use the existing web (HTML) interface to CDAS, then return to the main CDAWeb page.


CDAS supports simultaneous multi-mission, multi-instrument selection and comparison of science data among a wide range of current space missions.  While CDAWeb provides access to this data through an HTML-based user interface, these Web services provides a (Web) application programmming interface (API) to CDAS. If you are developing an application that requires science data from any of the data sets held by CDAS, then the CDAS Web services will provide an interface to the data for your application. 

Supported Web Service Styles

The following links provide detailed information about the two CDAS Web service implementations:

Client developers are encouraged to use the RESTful web services. The SOAP Web Services use an old JAX-RPC implementation with limited time precision, do not support some newer features (for example, CSV output, ICDFML, computing uniformly spaced binned data, ...), and may be discontinued in the future. However, at this time, client developers may choose whichever type is best suited for the type of client they are developing.

Network Protocol Support

The following web services are currently available over HTTP/1.1 with TLS and both IPv4 and IPv6. Additional information about accessing these web services over HTTPS is available at HTTPS SPDF web services.


Questions or comments concerning these Web services should be sent to CDAS Feedback.

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