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February 6, 2015: Wind 2014 Data Notice - Data between 2014 Oct. 26 and Nov. 7 were lost due to single event upsets in the command and attitude processor. Data from 2014 Nov. 7-21 have incorrect attitude and time values and partial data loss; scientific use is discouraged. SWE operations were fully restored 2014 Dec. 1. Data from 2014 Nov. 6 to 2015 Jan. 30 have transmission errors on the order of 1 bit every 1250 bytes, so use with caution. Wind returned to full operations after 2015 Jan. 30 17:50. See the Wind 2014 Update for further information.

February 6, 2015: THEMIS L2 FGM data were reprocessed at Berkeley for all probes with new calibration data. For the exact dates for each probe, please consult the THEMIS FGM processing history. All updated files are now in the system.

January 2015: THEMIS reprocessing - L2 ESA and MOM data are being reprocessed at Berkeley for the entire mission (2007/03/07 - 2015/01/01). For further information, please consult the THEMIS processing history.This notice will be updated once all data has been received and re-ingested into the system.


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