Parker Solar Probe (PSP) Readme

Parker Solar Probe (PSP) Data

This directory gathers data for Parker Solar Probe (PSP), originally Solar Probe Plus (SPP) before the renaming in 2017. PSP launched on 2018 August 12 into a heliocentric orbit using multiple Venus gravity assists to eventually reduce its perihelion to within 10 solar radii (about 6.16 million km to the Sun). The solar encounters (with perihelia) and Venus flybys are listed at PSP Science Gateway. The time coverage varies greatly between PSP datasets. Please check data inventory plots for details.

See CDAWeb for plots and listings, with other access methods.


/ephemeris/   Spacecraft locations and pointing in SPICE kernels (/spice/) and 1/day for HelioWeb (/helio1day/)

/fields/   Electromagnetic Fields Investigation (FIELDS) - direct measurements of electric and magnetic fields, radio waves, Poynting flux, absolute plasma density, electron temperature, etc. using two flux-gate magnetometers, a search-coil magnetometer, and 5 plasma voltage sensors. PI: Stuart Bale, University of California, Berkeley. See the FIELDS homepage.

/isois/   Integrated Science Investigation of the Sun (ISOIS) - measure energetic electrons, protons and heavy ions, using two Energetic Particle Instrument Suites, EPI-Hi (one High-Energy Telescope and two Low-Energy telescropes) and EPI-Lo for higher and lower energy particles. PI: David McComas, Princeton University. See the ISOIS homepage. Consult the ISOIS release notes for the details of each data release.

/sweap/   Solar Wind Electrons Alphas and Protons (SWEAP) - measure electrons, protons and helium ions, and their properties such as density, temperature, and velocity, using Solar Probe Analyzers (SPAN, two electrostatic analyzers) and the Solar Probe Cup (SPC, a Faraday cup). PI: Justin Kasper, University of Michigan and Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory. See the SWEAP homepage.

/wispr/   Wide-field Imager for Solar Probe (WISPR) - optical telescopes for images of the corona and inner heliosphere. PI: Russell Howard, Naval Research Laboratory. The Virtual Solar Observatory (VSO) will provide access to the WISPR data stored at the Solar Data Analysis Center (SDAC). See the WISPR instrument page. Data are also available via Solarsoft/IDL and SunPy clients.

The file names of CDF data are changed to all lower case upon ingestion to SPDF, so they are the same datasets as the ones at the instrument team homepages if the only difference is the upper versus lower cases.

A full list of PSP datasets are available from the Heliophysics Data Portal.

Parker Solar Probe was designed, built, and is now operated by the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory as part of NASA's Living with a Star (LWS) program (contract NNN06AA01C). Support from the LWS management and technical team has played a critical role in the success of the Parker Solar Probe mission. Please also acknowledge the instrument team (including the Principal Investigator) and NASA Space Physics Data Facility for making the data available.

Keywords: solar physics, space physics, solar wind

Data contact: Lan Jian