HAPI Server

This server supports the HAPI 2.0 specification for delivery of time series data. The server consists of the following 4 REST-like endpoints that will respond to HTTP GET requests.

  1. capabilities endpoint (/capabilities) describes the capabilities of the server; this lists the output formats this server can emit (csv, json and binary)
  2. catalog endpoint (/catalog) lists the datasets that are available; each dataset is associated with a unique id
  3. info endpoint (/info) (example) provides a description for a dataset of a given id; the description defines the parameters in every dataset record
  4. data endpoint (/data) (example) streams data content for a dataset of a given id; the streaming request must have time bounds (specified by request parameters time.min and time.max) and may indicate a subset of parameters (default is all parameters)

For more information, see HAPI github site.